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Intercultural art installation and presentation in Germany

Annually international exhibitions 

to promote smaller-scale works, including meditative aspects

3rd 'Enter into Art' International Installations 2017:

  • Regular deadline: December 31, 2016
  • Bonus: see our updated Rules or FAQ!

Exhibitions 2017

New interested artists can apply at any time. After you have been invited, we guarantee your participation!

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Our intercultural art installations and presentations with the guiding theme ‘Fascination of the World of Art and Color’, will take place every year in Cologne. Traveling exhibitions are also being planned. For each exhibition period, an unique art book is published with the images and distributed free of charge.

These are cross-cultural events for the promotion of smaller-format images using different art techniques and focusing on meditative aspects. Meditation in the religious or esoteric sense plays no role! In our artistic exhibition and presentation concept, we examine only the attentive and relaxing viewing of a work of art!

In addition, our show is available online on our German blog journal. More information can be found in the top menu under 'AIMS AND TASKS' and also in our posts in the sidebar. You can register free for new blog posts via the “Follow by Email” option in the sidebar.

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Call to artists 2017

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